1782 - Earth Sciences


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Earth Sciences
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On Campus
Program Description
This program will meet licensure requirements for beginning teachers of any science at the 5-8 grad levels and of earth and space science at the 9-12 grade levels. These requirements are for all students beginning at St. Cloud State University after January 2000. In order to graduate with no more than the required 128 credits, the general education program recommended below must be followed. Please not that completion in four years requires either a minimum of 17 credits most semesters or coursework during summer sessions.
Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences
College of Science and Engineering


Credits: 49-64

Program Requirements

Students must complete a core of required courses and pursue one of the concentrations. Core courses: 25-27 credits (required by all majors): AHS 220, AHS 230, AHS 491, AHS 492; CHEM 210; MATH 115 or both MATH 112 and MATH 113; PHYS 231 or PHYS 234. General Earth Science Concentration (24 additional credits): AHS 260 and 20 credits of AHS electives numbered 300 or above with adviser approval. Environmental Geology Concentration (37-38 additional credits): AHS 307, AHS 322, AHS 325, AHS 332, AHS 336, AHS 423; CHEM 211; ETS 367; GEOG 216, GEOG 316, and 3-4 credits chosen from AHS 334, AHS 438, CHEM 320, ETS 368, ETS 373, ETS 465, ETS 467, GEOG 350, GEOG 416, GEOG 472 with adviser approval.


Admission To Teacher Education: 0

Upper Division Writing Met

Admissions Requirements

  • AHS 491 and AHS 492 meet the upper division writing requirement.


See program website for additional information.

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