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Earth Sciences



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Earth Sciences

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The Earth Science major is a natural science program that prepares students for a variety of careers in the geosciences. Coursework in this major covers regional geological history; interpreting sediments, minerals, and rock types; field-based problem solving of geological questions; and student-led independent research through a capstone experience. The program encourages interdisciplinary work that prepares students with vital technical and field-based skills that can be applied to a variety of careers in scientific research, federal agencies, industry, consulting, or academia.


College of Science and Engineering



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BA majors requiring 45 credits or more may take one year of coursework in a single foreign language, a second major or a minor, but it is not required.


Free Form Requisites

Program Requirements (49-64 credits)

Students must complete a core of required courses and pursue one of the concentrations.

Core courses: 25-27 credits (required by all majors): course, course, course, course; course; course or both course and course; course or course.

General Earth Science Concentration (24 additional credits): course and 20 credits of AHS electives numbered 300 or above with adviser approval.

Environmental Geology Concentration (37-38 additional credits): course, course, course, course, course, course; course; course; course, course, and 3-4 credits chosen from course, course, course, course, course, course, course, course, course, course with adviser approval.

  • AHS 491 and course meet the upper division writing requirement.


See program website for additional information.

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