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Racial Issues Graduation Requirement

The Racial Issues Graduation Requirement (RIGR) ensures that all students who graduate from St. Cloud State have completed a course that meets the following criteria:

  • Understanding: A course must examine the concept and meaning of race, ethnicity, and oppression

  • Education: A course must explore the heritage, culture, and contributions of racial minorities, the impact of racial classification, and the patterns of racial oppression, racial domination, and hate crimes in the United States.

  • Awareness: A course must explore experiences of racial minorities and how members of racial minorities maintain a sense of identity in the presence of persistent and systematic racial oppression and hate crimes.

  • Student Growth: A course must provide a significant arena for dialogue and/or self-reflection on understanding, education, and awareness.

Racial Issues Graduation Requirement (RIGR) is Complete if;

  • A student started a Transfer Pathway program prior to Fall 2021 with the intent of enrolling at St. Cloud State University

  • A student attended St. Cloud State University prior to Fall 2021 and is returning to finish a degree

Pre-Approved Racial Issues Graduation Requirement Courses

The following courses are pre-approved to fulfill the Racial Issues Graduation Requirement (RIGR) and further indicate what goal area(s) or Diversity requirements of the Liberal Education Program (LEP) the course fulfills.

Community Development
(5) (7) (Diversity), Diversity in the American Experience, 3 Cr.

Community Psychology
course (7) (Diversity)Cultural Competence in Human Services, 3 Cr.

(6) (7) (Diversity)African American Literature, 3 Cr.

Ethnic Studies
(7) (Diversity)Race in America, 3 Cr.
course (7) (Diversity)Introduction to Ethnic Studies, 3 Cr
course (7) (Diversity)Introduction to Chicano/a Studies, 3 Cr.
course (7) (Diversity)Introduction to American Indian Studies, 3 Cr.
course (7) (Diversity)Introduction to Asian American Studies, 3 Cr.
course (7) (Diversity)Introduction to African American Studies, 3 Cr.
course (7) (Diversity)American Indians in the Social Science Curriculum, 3 Cr.
course (7) (Diversity)The Black Community, 3 Cr.

Gender and Women's Studies
(7) (Diversity)Race and Gender in the U.S., 3 Cr

(5) (7) (Diversity)Race in America, 3 Cr.

Human Relations and Multicultural Ed.
(7) (Diversity)Human Relations and Race, 3 Cr.

Cross-Cultural Nursing and Global Health, 3 Cr.

Political Science
course (7) (Diversity)U.S. Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration, 3 Cr.

course (7) (Diversity)Race and Ethnicity, 3 Cr.

Request a Course to be Reviewed for Possible Fulfillment of RIGR Requirement

If a student has taken a course that may fulfill the RIGR requirement, the student can submit a course syllabus to be reviewed by the RIGR Committee:

 For a Transfer Course
Go to eServices/Academic Records/Transfer Review, upload a syllabus

For a SCSU Course
Go to 
Academic Standing/Academic Exception Request
Upload syllabus

Racial Issues Graduation Requirement (RIGR) Course Requirements

All approved RIGR courses will fulfill 5 of the following 6 Student Learning Outcomes. If you submit a request for a course to be reviewed, please explain in your request how the course met these outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate awareness and understanding of historical and current race relations in the United States.

  • Students will be able to explain the concept of “race.”

  • Students will be able to analyze current events and conditions at the local, statewide, and national levels using course theories and concepts.

  • Students will identify forms of institutional discrimination in areas such as education, media, housing, employment, economics, politics, and the legal system.

  • Students will describe the basic history of discrimination against and contributions of African Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians, Latinos, and recent immigrants of color.

  • Students will engage in dialog and self-reflection concerning racism, racial oppression, and white privilege.

For questions, please email or contact your student success advisor.