Higher Education Administration


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Higher Education Administration

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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

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Online Exclusive - Asynchronous

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration program develops Minnesota¿s higher education leaders along with reaching out to the region, nationally, and internationally. The program prepares students for entry-level and mid-level positions in four-year, community and technical colleges and universities. Students interested in careers as future higher education administrators or those who currently work in higher education will receive a comprehensive study that explores academic affairs, student affairs, and administrative affairs. Courses offered in the program develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions for success in higher education administration.

Individuals currently holding or interested in leadership positions in higher education will find this program flexible and accommodating to their needs. The program will primarily be taught online or through a hybrid delivery process along with a practicum experience at a higher education institution.


College of Education and Learning Design



Admission Requirements

Other requirements applicants MUST complete prior to admission.

GRE not required

Admissions process.

Interview required


Program Learning Outcomes


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history of higher education, professions within the field, and the student development, organizational, and environmental theories that undergird the fundamental structures and practices within the field.


Students will recognize governance structures and management practices that shape higher education organizations and will apply relevant leadership and organizational behavior theories to analyze and think critically about contemporary issues in post-secondary education administration.


Students will develop the technical competencies that prepare them to 1) interpret, evaluate, and utilize research to inform their practice, 2) proficiently assess the effectiveness of higher education programs, and 3) apply professional standards and principles of law, ethics, and finance to decision-making in post-secondary settings.


Students will identify the structures and systems that facilitate enrollment management throughout the student life cycle and recognize the best practices that produce equitable student success outcomes from the point of recruitment through alumni and donor relations.

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