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Environmental Studies


This program is not currently accepting students.

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Environmental Studies

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On Campus

Program Description

Environmental Studies intends to prepare students to understand the causes and effects of environmental problems and provide them with tools to assess and manage these problems. The program is interdisciplinary with requirements in both natural and social sciences. A total of 63 credits is required. Clinical experience is not required, but strongly recommended.


College of Science and Engineering




Free Form Requisites

Program Requirements (36 credits)

Select 36 credits from those courses listed in the Environmental Studies Major. Final selection of courses requires department approval.

Technical Electives (9 credits): Select at least 3 credits from each of the following groups (approval of major advisor required).

GROUP A - Environmental Studies: course, 360, 363, 373, 444, 463, 465, 467, 468, 482.

GROUP B - Natural Sciences: course, 436, course, 440, course, 322, 325, 332, 334, 336, 338, 380, 423, 432, 434.

GROUP C - Social Sciences: course, course, course, 316, 325, 372, 379, 394, 472, 473, 492, course, course, course.

Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement by successfully completing course.


See program website for additional information.

Program Learning Outcomes


Compare and contrast all technological systems used in society and how each of these technological systems relates to environmental problems.


Analyze the tools, materials, process and resources used in other technologies that are related to manufacturing industries


Apply the scientific and quantitative literacy principles and concepts to real-world environmental problem solving experiences. 


Apply state-of-the-art environmental measuring instrumentation to the solution of common environmental problems.


Research scientific literature and develop writing skills to enhance environmental research projects and problems in both the private and public sector of society. 


Apply an engaging and comprehensive professional growth program to improve the effectiveness and quality of environmental work within the private and public sector of society. 


Demonstrate effective and successful disposition in teamwork and leadership skills to improve the effectiveness of environmental work within the private and public sector of society.

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