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SPED: Academic & Behavioral Strategist


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SPED: Academic & Behavioral Strategist

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The Department of Special Education offers an undergraduate, comprehensive major which leads to licensure to teach students with learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, or developmental disabilities. Students will complete a common sequence of coursework which will culminates in a student teaching experience and specialized coursework during their senior year. After obtaining one license at the undergraduate level, students will have completed a majority of the coursework for the additional licenses, which may be obtained at the graduate level. - At the graduate level, students may obtain licensure in a program that leads to a Master of Science degree or students may be admitted to a program of study that leads to licensure only. The graduate student's program of study may be designed to emphasize education of K-12 students with learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, developmental disabilities, or physical/health disabilities (pending program approval).



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Program Requirements

Core (12 credits): SPED 203 (counts as Diversity) SPED 420, SPED 421, SPED 431.

General Education Block (16 credits): SPED 338, SPED 339, SPED 405, SPED 415, SPED 418, SPED 445.

Special Education Block (15 credits): SPED 411, SPED 416, SPED 419, SPED 440, SPED 455.

Student Teaching Semester (16 credits): SPED 490, SPED 452, SPED 456, SPED 457.

Special licensure requirements: ED 200 or SPED 200 or CFS 200, CEEP 262, CEEP 361, HURL 497, HURL 498, IM 422
(competencies required - see IM section), and MATH 301.

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