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Feminist Leadership



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Feminist Leadership

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Online and On Campus

Program Description

Learn how to become an inclusive, collaborative, and transformative feminist leader in a variety or personal and professional contexts. Students study feminist leadership skills, practices, and theories that help them find their own leadership style, voice, and purpose. This program is situated within a global feminist framework that understands gender in its relationship to race, class, sexuality, immigrant status, disability, and national identity. Students learn how to empower themselves and others while dismantling the complex power dynamics that privilege some while marginalizing others.

This is an applied learning program, so students will have many opportunities to actively learn and develop their leadership skills. Classes connect with interdisciplinary feminist leaders in a variety of professional fields and social contexts. Students will practice feminist leadership both inside and outside the classroom, developing an understanding of how feminist leadership is critical to empowering social transformation.

The feminist leadership certificate can be earned independently or in conjunction with a Gender & Women¿s Studies major or minor. The certificate will greatly enhance a variety of career paths, including social work, psychology, public health, education, journalism, public relations, international relations, global studies, communication studies, the arts, and business.


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Free Form Requisites

Credits: 15

Program Requirements

12 credits: course, course, course, course

3 credits: Select electives from list of approved courses on program website or 3 credits of course, in consultation with GWS advisor.

Admission To Teacher Education: 0

Upper Division Writing Met

Certificate in Feminist Leadership plan

Admissions Requirements


Prior learning credit may be accepted according to SCSU policy.

See program website for additional information.

Program Learning Outcomes


Analyze how different groups in society experience social issues based on power dynamics around race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and national identities.


Integrate feminist leadership practices into students’ own lives and community engagement.


Practice feminist leadership principles in course and community work.


Apply feminist leadership praxis in course and community projects.


Evaluate different leadership skills, theories, and practices for their relevance to social change projects and students’ own lives.

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