346232015 - Executive Engineering Management


Program Title
Executive Engineering Management
Degree Designation
Program Level
Instruction Mode
Online and On Campus
Program Description
The Executive Master of Engineering Management degree program jointly offered by St. Cloud State University and Metropolitan State University has a rigorous and challenging curriculum which is at a much higher level than the one offered at the Maple Grove location. This program is designed specifically for Engineering Managers, Business Executives, technical practitioners and other professionals whose career goals include developing competency in managing engineering and technology organizations. This is a degree that combines management philosophy with technical knowledge to enhance the managerial skills necessary in improving the competitiveness of their organization and leading successful technical projects. The program provides a unique opportunity to pursue an executive master's degree on weeknights and weekends while continuing to work full-time. The program meets the educational needs of part-time working professionals with a flexible and a responsive curriculum to meet their area of interest along with a professionally qualified faculty. This ASEM certified degree is awarded by St. Cloud State University as a cohort program, and one can earn an Executive Master of Engineering Management in 18 months.
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
College of Science and Engineering


Admissions Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 years experience after completion of an undergraduate degree.

  • The GRE is not required.

Admission GPA: 3.0 preferred


Program is normally completed over 18 months in a cohort basis. The program includes an international business tour. Students who are unable to tour must find an alternative project in consultation with their adviser.

Graduate Plan B

Credits: 33

Comments: Culminating Experience

Core: "30 credits: EM 650, EM 660, EM 653, EM 664, EM 652, EM 661, EM 662, EM 665, EM 656, EM 658."

Research: 3 credits: EM 670 or EM 696

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

Analyze problems related to engineering management and propose recommended solutions based scientific data analysis methods. 
Demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills by working with multicultural, global, and virtual teams
Demonstrate leadership skills and develop strategies to obtain business results. 
Make decisions using quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques. 
Plan and manage project’s cost, schedule, and scope 

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