1833 - Clinical Exercise Physiology


Program Title
Clinical Exercise Physiology
Degree Designation
Program Level
Instruction Mode
On Campus
Program Description
Kinesiology and Exercise Science. A scientific program that focuses on prescribed exercise, basic health behavior interventions, and physical activity promotion for individuals with chronic diseases or conditions. Primary and secondary prevention strategies designed to improve, maintain, or attenuate declines in fitness and health in populations ranging from children to older adults. Includes instruction in clinical exercise physiology, exercise testing, and prescription in clinical populations, therapeutic and clinical rehabilitation.
School of Health and Human Services


Admissions Requirements

  • The GRE is required.

  • Applicants should have a strong science background. Physiology students should have undergraduate course work in human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and exercise physiology. Biomechanics students should possess strong skills in calculus, statics and


3 Interviews are not required but encouraged. Contact department for interview schedule.

Graduate Plan A

Core: 34

Electives: 19 credits: PESS 620, PESS 624, PESS 625, PESS 626, PESS 630, PESS 631

Research: 6 credits. Select with approval of the advisor. Students in Exercise Science may take classes under the following course rubrics: BIOL, CHEM, CEEP, ENGR, HLTH, PESS, STAT.

Graduate Plan B

Credits: 9 credits: CEEP 678, PESS 699

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

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