1837 - Accounting


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Program Description
This program is designed for students desiring careers in public accounting, industry, not-for-profit organizations and government. Courses emphasize the development of students' analytical capabilities, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and understanding of the usefulness and limits of accounting information.
Herberger Business School


Credits: 91

Program Requirements

Business Core (22 credits): HBS 211, FIRE 371, IS 340, MGMT 201, MGMT 383, MGMT 497, MKTG 220, MKTG 333 or ENGL 332 or CMST 341. Accounting Major Required Courses (21 credits): ACCT 381, ACCT 382, ACCT 383, ACCT 390, ACCT 450, ACCT 451, ACCT 486.


Select 15 credits: ACCT 294, ACCT 304, ACCT 344, ACCT 404, ACCT 405, ACCT 444, ACCT 470, ACCT 481, ACCT 484, ACCT 485, ACCT 487, ACCT 490, ACCT 493, ACCT 498, BLAW 436; or 12 credits from listed courses plus 3 credits from 300- and 400-level courses in BLAW, FIRE, IS, MGMT, MKTG and 400-level courses in ECON. A maximum of three credits of ACCT 344 or 444 can count toward these 15 credits. A maximum of 9 credits of ACCT 490 with different topics can count toward these 15 credits.

Admission To Teacher Education: 0

Upper Division Writing Met

Herberger Business School

Admissions Requirements

Admission GPA: Grade of C- or better in ACCT 291, CSCI 169 or CNA 169, IS 242 or STAT 242, and MATH 112 or MATH 196.


2.5 Only business majors with HBS Upper Division Status or admitted business minors may enroll in 300 and 400 level Business School courses. Department permission required for all other students. Some of the required courses will count in the Liberal Education Program.

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

1. Our students will be effective written and oral communicators.
2. Our students will be competent problem solvers.
3. Our students will be effective collaborators.
4: Our students will be competent in the business core.
Our students will be competent in their respective disciplines/majors.

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