7891 - Health and Physical Education


Program Title
Health and Physical Education
Degree Designation
Program Level
Instruction Mode
On Campus
Program Description
Health/Physical Teacher Education. A program that prepares individuals to teach health, physical education, recreation or sport science.
School of Health and Human Services


Credits: 55

Program Requirements

HPE 200, HPE 207, HPE 295, HPE 298, HPE 310, HPE 320, HPE 375, HPE 376, HPE 407, HPE 420, HPE 434, HPE 438, HPE 439, HPE 447, HPE 457, HPE 458, PESS 249, PESS 300, PESS 312, PESS 461.


Admission To Teacher Education: 1

Education Sequence: Admission Criteria: See here. Professional Education Sequence for Pre K-12 and 5-12 Licensure: ED 300; CEEP 262, CEEP 361; IM 422; HURL 497; ENGL 460 or ED 460; SPED 203; ED 421 and ED 431(co-requisites); ED 451; ED 466 or ED 467. Admission to Teacher Education and a passing score on the MTLE Basic skills tests is required for placement in student teaching. "

Upper Division Writing Met

Department of Kinesiology Assessment Plan

Admissions Requirements

  • Submission of a written essay that earns a minimum score of 7/10 (department rubric) and completion of a successful interview (see Department for specifics).


2.5 Courses within major must be taken for a letter grade only letter grades of C- or better will be accepted for the major. Students must show evidence of a Water Safety Instructor certification and have a current certification in Responding to Emergencies or equivalent for student teaching. MTLE Pedagogy and Content Area Test(s) must be successfully completed prior to applying for a Minnesota teaching license.

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

Applies the standards of effective practice in teaching students through a variety of early and ongoing clinical experiences.
Students will demonstrate competence in performing a variety of skill-related behaviors.

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