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Communication Studies: Supplementary


This program is not currently accepting students.

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Communication Studies: Supplementary

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Program Description

This major complements many different major programs of study and is intended for students who desire a double major and who have filed a major in another department. This major provides a broad exposure to the study of communication in a variety of contexts, while providing more depth than a CMST minor. A supplementary major or minor in Communication Studies better prepares the student to address communication as important to career, community, and relationships.



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Program Learning Outcomes


Explain major communication theories and apply them to multiple and diverse contexts. Identify major communication theories. Explain major communication theories. Analyze communication contexts. Correlate communication theories appropriate to a given communication context.


Design and evaluate communication studies research. Select a topic to study relevant to the communication studies discipline. Conduct a survey of existent literature related to that topic. Based on that review of literature construct an argument for a series of hypotheses, research questions, or critique to be addressed by their study. Select an appropriate procedure for collecting data that will allow them to test hypotheses, answer questions, or conduct a critique. Select an appropriate method for analyzing that data. Conduct a written and/or an oral critique of a communication studies research study.


Demonstrate communication competency in multiple contexts. Construct and competently present an informative and/or persuasive message appropriate for the audience. Analyze the communication process. Explain the importance of adapting their communication behaviors to cultural similarities and differences. Explain how communication develops, maintains and transforms relationships. Explain the nexus of ethics and communication. Explain the role of listening in communication. Reflect on their own communication behaviors and make suggestions for their improvement.


Demonstrate skills in critical thinking. Identify and summarize the problem, question or issue. Identify and consider the influence of context. Develop, present and communicate their own perspectives, hypotheses or positions. Present, assess and analyze appropriate supporting data/evidence. Integrate the issue using other perspectives and positions from Communication Studies. Assess conclusions, including their implications and consequences.

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