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Gender and Women's Studies


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Gender and Women's Studies

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On Campus

Program Description

The Gender & Women¿s Studies program helps students find their voice, passion, and purpose to become active leaders in their lives and in society. Students study interdisciplinary feminist analysis of gender as it intersects with race, class, sexuality, immigrant status, disability, and national identity. By examining the structural interlocking systems of oppression, both nationally and transnationally, students can better understand the historical and current power dynamics in society. By studying how marginalized groups have always worked for social change, students are prepared to create liberatory social transformation.

Gender & Women¿s Studies classes feature interactive and applied learning. Students participate in a dynamic feminist community, often becoming leaders in campus/community initiatives and organizations. GWS offers supportive mentoring from feminist faculty/staff and dynamic learning both in and out of the classroom (including optional internships). In this program, students learn to empower themselves and each other toward liberatory social justice.

Gender & Women¿s Studies programs greatly enhance a variety of career paths, including social work, psychology, public health, education, journalism, public relations, international relations, global studies, communication studies, the arts, and business.



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BA majors requiring fewer than 45 credits require one of the following: one year of coursework in a single foreign language, or a second major, or a minor.

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Free Form Requisites

Credits: 36

Program Requirements

21 credits: course, GWS270, course, course, course, course; course or course.


15 credits: Courses by approval of GWS advisor from the list of approved electives on the program website. Up to four credits of course may be counted toward the major.

Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement by successfully completing course.


BA Gender & Women's Studies majors must complete a second major or a minor program of study.

Student should meet with a GWS advisor as soon as possible.

See program website for additional information.

Program Learning Outcomes


Students will become adept at applying Womens Studies concepts and frameworks of analysis to a variety of contemporary womens issues.


Students will develop a foundation of Womens Studies ideas, theories, and frameworks of analysis around both national and global womens issues.


Students will learn about the interdisciplinary nature of Womens Studies by taking courses in a variety of disciplines. They will study the interdisciplinary scholarship and issue in the field.


Students will learn diverse feminist methodologies for feminist research and analytical practices and become familiar with the types of analytical questions relevant to a Womens Studies analysis.


Students will learn how to develop an analysis of intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, and geographic or national locations as they study contemporary feminist issues and systems of oppression.

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