1870 - Earth and Space Science Education Grades 9-12


Program Title
Earth and Space Science Education Grades 9-12
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Instruction Mode
On Campus
Program Description
Science Teacher Education. A program that prepares individuals to teach earth and space science education, at the grades 9-12 level.
Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences
College of Science and Engineering


Credits: 61-62

Program Requirements

ASTR 106, ASTR 107; BIOL 152; CHEM 210; AHS 205 or AHS 220, AHS 230, AHS 260, AHS 305, AHS 307, AHS 325, AHS 380; SCI 420, SCI 430, SCI 440; PHYS 231, PHYS 232.


6-9 credits with advisor approval.

Admission To Teacher Education: 1

Education Sequence: Admission Criteria: See here. Professional Education Sequence for Pre K-12 and 5-12 Licensure: ED 300; CEEP 262, CEEP 361; IM 422; HURL 497; ENGL 460 or ED 460; SPED 203; ED 421 and ED 431(co-requisites); ED 451; ED 466 or ED 467. Admission to Teacher Education and a passing score on the MTLE Basic skills tests is required for placement in student teaching. "

Upper Division Writing Met

Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences Assessment Plan

Admissions Requirements

  • C or better in ENGL 191 and CMST 192.

  • Completion of a minimum of 36 semester hours with at least 12 semester hours in residence at SCSU.

  • Submission of scores on the MTLE.


2.5 It is essential to see an advisor during the first semester you are enrolled in science courses.

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

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