University Catalog

Liberal Studies

Director: Jerrill Anderson
Address: 366 Centennial Hall
Phone: 320.308.6075


BES in Liberal Studies (120 credits)

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.0
  • A departmental major or minor is not required, but strongly encouraged. Students may complete majors and minors in those departments which indicate B.E.S. programs are available. See individual departmental listings.
  • Meet the residence requirement of St. Cloud State University as outlined in this catalog.
  • Students who meet the admission requirements for St. Cloud State University may apply upon admittance. Students who currently are enrolled must have a 2.0 (C) average to be admitted to the program. To be accepted into this degree option students must formally complete a "major program plan" as well as a "program proposal form" which are designed to describe the student's individual educational objectives. Majors or minors earned under the B.E.S. program may be applied to a B.E.S. degree.

Program Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 120 credits, excluding credits in courses numbered below 100, with a 2.00 "C" average. At least 40 credits in upper-division (300-400) courses. No more than 60 credits can be counted in one discipline. A maximum of 6 internship credits may be used as part of the 40 upper-division course work requirement.

Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement in consultation with a B.E.S. advisor.

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