University Catalog

MS in Applied Statistics (Program Suspended) (33 credits)

Admission Requirements

  • Admission is currently suspended. The program is not accepting new applications.
  • Fully qualified applicants for this degree must have completed the equivalent of the following undergraduate courses: STAT 229, STAT 321, MATH 221, MATH 222, MATH 321.
  • Applicants deficient in one or more of these courses will be conditionally accepted, subject to satisfactory completion of these requirements.


  • Statistical consulting is the practicum required for this program.


Option(s): Thesis
Credits: 33
Core: 27 credit minimum: STAT 518, STAT 521, STAT 552, STAT 617, STAT 618, STAT 619, STAT 649, STAT 650. Choose one course: STAT 524, STAT 530, STAT 536. Chose one course: STAT 620, STAT 621.
Research: STAT 699

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