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Chairperson: Kristian Twombly
Address: 238 Performing Arts
Phone: 320.308.3223

BMus in Music - Piano Performance (80 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • Successful admittance to an applied studio is required of all music majors. See department website for specific requirements for each applied studio.


  • A grade of "C" or above in all music classes is required for all music major or minor degree programs. A "C-" in a music course is not considered a passing grade for the music major.
  • All students will demonstrate functional piano skills as a requirement for graduation. Students satisfy this requirement by successfully completing the degree curriculum. See department for details.

Program Requirements

Core (56): MUSM 101, MUSM 111, MUSM 125, MUSM 202, MUSM 205, MUSM 212, MUSM 303, MUSM 304, MUSM 313, MUSM 351, MUSM 352, MUSM 353, MUSM 402, MUSP 373. 2 semesters at 2 credits of applied major (100 level); 2 semesters at 3 credits of applied major (200 level); 4 semesters at 3 credits of applied major (300-400 level). 8 semesters of MUSP 100. MUSP 396 (corequisite of 300 level applied major), MUSP 496 (corequisite of 400 level applied major). Piano Performance Concentration (18): 4 semesters of major performing organization; 3 semesters of elective ensemble or chamber music; 4 semesters of applied minor instrument; Functional piano skills will be taught and assess in private piano lessons. MUSE 430, MUSE 431, MUSM 436, MUSP 405.


(6 credits): Choose one: MUSM 301 (2 semesters required to fulfill elective requirement), or MUSM 433. 3-4 credits of additional music electives (must be chosen from music courses at the 300 and 400 level and approved by advisor).

Completion of MUSM 353 fulfills the Upper Division Writing Requirement for all bachelor's degree programs offered by the Department of Music.

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