3815 - Public Safety Executive Leadership


Program Title
Public Safety Executive Leadership
Degree Designation
Program Level
Instruction Mode
On Campus
Program Description
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration. A program that prepares individuals to apply theories and practices of criminal justice to structuring, managing, directing and controlling criminal justice agencies, including police departments, sheriff's departments, law enforcement divisions and units, and private protective services.
Criminal Justice
School of Public Affairs


Admissions Requirements

  • Public Safety Executive Leadership program applicants must currently be employed or have had at least two years full-time paid employment by a public safety-related organization for admission consideration (e.g., corrections, court services, EMS, fire service, law enforcement, private security, probation, treatment programs).

  • The GRE is not required.



Graduate Plan B

Comments: 36

Electives: (20 credits): PSEL 610, PSEL 620, PSEL 640, PSEL 660, PSEL 690.

Research: Choose twelve (12) graduate credits from the following courses or from courses with graduate advisor approval: CEEP 651, CEEP 666, CEEP 668, CEEP 672, CEEP 678; CJS 600, CJS, 601, CJS 611, CJS 644 (a maximum of 6 credits may be applied), CJS 650, CJS 661, CJS 681, CJS 689 (may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits); CMTY 522, CMTY 551, CMTY 552; GERO 530, GERO 620; MPA 602, MPA 603, MPA 604, MPA 606, MPA 620, MPA 621; PHIL 582; SW 610, SW 611, SW 612, SW 613, SW 614, SW 621, SW 622, SW 631, SW 634, SW 642, SW 650.

Graduate Plan C

Comments: (4 credits): PSEL 680.

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

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