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Program Description
The BFA Art degree is designed exclusively for students who have completed AFA degrees and wish to continue their development as contemporary artists and entry-level professionals. It is also a degree that prepares students for an MFA, the required degree for teaching in colleges and universities, and prepares students in part for other post-baccalaureate degrees such as those in art therapy, arts administration, or curatorial studies. Working closely with advisors, students select an array of upper-division courses in 2-D media (Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking), 3-D media (Ceramics and Sculpture), and Integrated Media (Photography, Video, Multimedia and Digital Tools). Students also participate in a two-semester interdisciplinary studio to develop group projects and a body of work and in a senior seminar on professional practices for artists such as creating presentation materials and writing grants and artist¿s statements.
College of Liberal Arts


Credits: 78

Program Requirements

Transfer art credits: 30. SCSU art credits: 48. Studio Foundations, 24 credits (Transfer): 100- 200- level studio courses. 2nd-year Foundations, Art History Surveys, 6 credits (Transfer): ART 230, ART 231 equivalents. The following courses are taken at SCSU, 48 credits: 2nd-year Foundations, 6 credits: ART 201, ART 202. Upper-Division Studio, 30 credits from the following three areas. At least 12 credits must be from one of the areas. Area A, 2D Media: ART 311, ART 312 (3-6 cr), ART 315, ART 340, ART 341 (3-6 cr), ART 350, ART 351, ART 352 (3-6 cr). Area B, 3D Media: ART 360, ART 361 (3-6 cr), ART 370, ART 371 (3-6 cr). Area C, Integrated Media: ART 381 (3-6 cr), ART 382 (3-6 cr), ART 383, ART 384 (3-6 cr), ART 385, ART 386 (3-6 cr), ART 389. Advanced Studies, 9 credits: ART 401 (6 cr), ART 402. Advanced Art History, 3 credits from the following: ART 433, ART 434, ART 435, ART 436, ART 437, ART 438, ART 439.


Admission To Teacher Education: 0

Upper Division Writing Met


Admissions Requirements

  • Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement by successfully completing one of the following courses: ART 433, ART 434, ART 435, ART 436, ART 437, ART 438, ART 439.

  • Completed AFA-Art from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent with an overall 2.50 GPA.

  • Successful completion of formal portfolio review that includes the following: 3 observational drawings, 2 works demonstrating 2D design principles, 2 3D objects, non-digital, using different materials, 1 work using Photoshop, 1 work using Illustrator, 3-5 works of choice. See Notes.

  • Written statement responding to specific prompts.

  • Formal presentation of portfolio to SCSU art faculty.

Admission GPA: Interview by SCSU art faculty.


2.5 A student may receive a conditional pass of the portfolio review if the overall quality of work is adequate but an essential element was inadequate or missing for example 3D work or digital work. In such a case the specific SCSU foundation course(s) would be indicated that the applicant would need to complete with a grade of 2.67 (B-) or higher. After successfully completing the course(s) the student would be admitted into the program (there would not need to be a second portfolio review). Students must earn an overall GPA of 2.50 to graduate with a BFA in Art.

See program website for additional information.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate functional competency with principles of visual organization, including the ability to work with visual elements in two and three dimensions; color theory and its applications; and drawing.
Demonstrates perceptual acuity, conceptual understanding and technical facility at a professional entry level in their chosen field(s). 
Analyze works of art/design perceptively and to evaluate them critically. 
Place works of art/design in historical, cultural and stylistic contexts.
Demonstrate working knowledge of technologies and equipment applicable to their area(s) of specialization.
Work independently on a variety of art and/or design problems by combining, as appropriate to the issue, their capabilities in studio, analysis, history and technology.
Demonstrate competence by the development of a body of work for evaluation in the major area of study. 

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