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MUSM 436. Piano Literature

Credits: 2 View Details
Description: Keyboard literature from 1600 through the present, including the social and cultural context that influenced its major trends and developments.
Prerequisites: MUSM 351, MUSM 352
Semester Offered: DEMAND

MUSM 437. Topics in New Media: Non-Traditional Performance Study

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Real-time sound manipulation and sound installations in new media. Use of common software in the field. Construction of low-tech, interactive devices. History and current practices of realtime or installation sound art.
Semester Offered: Fall

MUSM 438. Topics in New Media: Theoretical Approach

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Role of sound and image in cinema, new media, and the Web from a historical and analytical perspective. Use of tools for creating works employing audio and images, and implementing new media interactivity.
Semester Offered: Fall

MUSM 444. Internship

Credits: 1-16 View Details
Description: Internships are offered at the discretion of departments. Course number and number of credits are determined by the departments. Contact departmental offices for further information. 16 credits maximum in any one program.
Semester Offered:

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