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SE 480. Software Project Management

Credits: 3
Department: Computer Science
Description: Use knowledge areas and develop procedures, skills, and resources for successful management of software projects.
Prerequisites: SE 342, SE 350
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Develop a comprehensive and realistic project plan for a significant development effort
2. Apply management techniques to projects that follow agile methodologies, as well as methodologies involve larger-scale iterations or releases
3. Apply estimates of costs for a project using several different techniques
4. Apply function point measurement techniques
5. Measure project progress, productivity and other aspects of the software process
6. Apply earned-value analysis techniques
7. Perform risk management, dynamically adjusting project plans
8. Use configuration management tools effectively, and apply change management processes properly
9. Evaluate software licenses, contracts, and intellectual property agreements, while recognizing the necessity of involving legal expertise
10. Use standards in project management, including project management quality and the software development process

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