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DH 503. Applied Digital Humanities

Credits: 3
Department: History
Description: Build and curate digital exhibits, projects, archives, or websites from digitization to public presentation based on local research.
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Develop and express empathy for figures from the past or in the present.
2. Formulate research questions, do primary and secondary research, and present the findings in written and spoken discourse.
3. Situate texts in historical, rhetorical, social, political, ethical, and other contexts.
4. Write and organize the text, identify images, and curate links for the construction of a digital exhibit.
5. Collaborate successfully as a leader or participant to research, write, revise, edit, and construct the content of the exhibit.
6. Analyze the rhetorical situation, synthesize the content, choose images and artifacts and manage paragraph- and sentence-level concerns in written assignments.
7. Analyze texts that contextualize the topic of the exhibit with respect to politics, economics, gender, culture, religion, conflict, race, and or social issues.

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