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MTHE 441. Teaching Calculus in the Secondary School

Credits: 3
Department: Mathematics
Description: Fundamental concepts of calculus aligned with methods of teaching and learning those concepts. Emphasizing the role of discovery method through real-world applications of calculus. Use of technology to develop calculus concepts. Calculus concepts through various forms of proof.
Prerequisites: MATH 222, MATH 271
Semester Offered: Odd Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. identify the roots of calculus in algebra and geometry, and how calculus was invented;
2. apply concepts of calculus to solve problems in physics, natural sciences, and economics;
3. identify the theory behind calculus, through which, they will be exposed to the most rigorous and accurate human endeavor;
4. practice how to motivate high school students through real-world problems;
5. analyze the development of calculus concepts through word problems and the use of technology;
6. identify the role of empirical approach toward conjecture, counterexample, and proof;
7. discuss different aspects of proof: logical/symbolic, computer, and picture.

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