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STEM 452. Data and Chance for the P-6 Classroom

Credits: 3
Department: Mathematics
Description: Data and chance in effective teaching of STEM. Data collection, organization, and analysis; measures of center and variance, inferences and convincing arguments; subjective, theoretical, experimental, and conditional probability; simulation; counting principles; mathematical expectation.
Prerequisites: MATH301;SCI226orSCI227;ED200orSPED200orCFS200
Semester Offered:
  • Spring
  • Even Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Organize and summarize data in order to read and interpret graphs.
2. Describe data numerically using measures of center, position, spread, and equations.
3. Compute and interpret probabilities using empirical and theoretical methods.
4. Apply rules of probability to discrete and continuous distributions.
5. Generate data through sampling and experiments.
6. Use the logic of statistical inference to draw conclusions about populations.
7. Implement the ideals articulated in the data and uncertainty strands of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, the Minnesota K-12 Mathematics Framework.
8. Analyze research on the teaching and learning of data, statistics, and probability in the P-6 mathematics curriculum.
9. Identify technologies as an instruction tool for statistics and probability in the P-6 or special education classroom.
10. Develop lessons for the P-6 or special education classroom using recent research on the teaching and learning of data, statistics, and probability.

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