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MPA 626. Managing Local Government Finances

Credits: 3
Department: Political Science
Description: Practical problems of local government financial management including debt management, pension fund management, capital improvement, idle fund investment, accounting practices and financial management specific to local governments.
Semester Offered: Even Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will discuss the contexts (historical, political, economical) of local government budgeting.
2. Students will identify the stages of budget building, preparation and execution.
3. Students will apply revenue estimation methodologies.
4. Students will apply cost estimation and comparison methodologies.
5. Students will define and use performance indicators in local government budgeting.
6. Students will identify and explain capital and debt management methodologies.
7. Students will describe and assess accounting principles and practices.
8. Students will describe pension fund management policies and practices.
9. Students will describe and explain financial reporting practices.
10. Students will describe and explain idle fund management policies and practices.

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