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HIST 349. Americans and Nature

Credits: 3
Department: History
Description: The interaction of Americans with their natural environment from early settlement into the twentieth century.
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. In a manner suitable for an upper division course, identify, read, and analyze a broad range of primary and secondary sources pertaining to American environmental history.
2. In a manner suitable for an upper division course, explore and recognize varied interpretations, approaches, and types of sources related the broader historiography of American environmental history.
3. In a manner suitable for an upper division course, examine how past civilizations have interacted with and shaped the natural world, explore the shifting attitudes of Americans toward nature during different historical eras, trace varied federal and regional environmental policies in the United States, and consider how contemporary Americans have chosen to perceive and interact within varied ecosystems of the nation.
4. In a manner suitable for an upper-division course, conduct historical research on a particular region of the country with a focus on how residents perceive and interact with the ecosystems of the region, environmental policies that have influenced that region, and develop a deeper understanding of historical scholarship that explores the natural world.

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