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PESS 312. Inclusive Techniques for Diverse Populations in Health & Physical Education

Credits: 3
Department: Physical Education and Sport Science
Description: Inclusive teaching techniques, adaptations and modifications for children from diverse populations in health and physical education settings. PreK-12.
Prerequisites: PESS 300
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Describe the historical and philosophical foundations, legal bases, and contemporary issues pertaining to the education of students with identified disabilities as the issues apply to physical and motor fitness.
2. Discuss the educational definitions, issues related to identification and eligibility criteria pertaining to students who have disabilities relating to physical and motor fitness.
3. Describe special physical education, adapted physical education, movement education, and motor development including skills in aquatics, dance, games, and individual, group, intramural, and lifetime sports.
4. Address the impact of single, multiple, and co-existing conditions of disabilities on motor functioning and motor skill acquisition.
5. Discuss the impact of typical and atypical motor development and function on the educational, social, and psychological well-being of students.
6. Explain the use, limitations, ethical concerns, administration, and interpretation of formal and informal assessments for students with identified disabilities that impact physical and motor fitness and how to communicate the results to the students, families, educators, and other professionals.
7. Adapt and modify existing assessment tools and methods to accommodate the abilities and needs of students with disabilities in physical and motor fitness.
8. Apply evaluation results to assist the IEP team in selection of service options for addressing individual needs in physical education.
9. Describe how to communicate with students, using a range of methods and strategies, including students who are nonverbal or have limited verbal expression.
10. Access services, networks, agencies, and organizations relevant to the field of developmental adapted physical education.

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