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HPE 295. Foundations of HPE

Credits: 3
Department: Health and Physical Education
Description: Historical, psycho-social and philosophical foundations of health and physical education.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze and embed criteria for various disciplines in Health/Physical Education.
2. Contrast the sociological, political, historical, and technological influences on the Health, Physical Education teaching profession.
3. Evaluate the critical use of reading comprehension strategies and describe their impact on K-12 Health/Physical Education.
4. Develop, identify, and use appropriate critical content vocabulary applicable to the profession.
5. Differentiate professional ethical standards and codes of behavior from unethical behaviors.
6. Identify influential health/ physical educators and their contribution to the body of knowledge.
7. Compare and contrast major philosophies prevalent during selected historical periods, both in the United States and world-wide.
8. Create personal philosophies for Health Education and Physical Education, which includes Physical Education teaching, health promotion and concepts and strategies related to physical activity and fitness.
9. Identify selected professional organizations and advantages of memberships.
10. Identify various career opportunities for professionals with a degree in health, physical education, exercise and sport.

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