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PESS 405. Senior Seminar in Athletic Training

Credits: 3-4
Department: Physical Education and Sport Science
Description: Trends in the field of athletic training/sports medicine, emphasizing prevention of adverse health conditions, sports trauma, management skills, and administration of athletic training programs.
Prerequisites: HLTH 406, PESS 310, PESS 315, PESS 316, PESS 449
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: Majors Only

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Discuss the professional, ethical and legal parameters of the athletic trainer.
2. Discuss the role of a certified athletic trainer in administering an athletic training program including documentation.
3. Discuss the profession, ethical and legal parameters which define the proper role of the certified athletic trainer in treatment of injured athletes.
4. Discuss the relevance of legal issues in athletic training with special attention to the concepts of negligence, liability, state, federal laws and national organization guidelines.
5. Discuss of the roles of the members of the sports medicine team appropriate to a particular athletic situation.
6. Discuss the key elements of an athletic training program including the prevention, assessment, rehabilitation of an injured athlete.
7. Discuss the identification and treatment of general medical conditions and disabilities within the athletic trainer's scope of practice.
8. Discuss the use of diagnostic tests when recommended by a physician (i.e. CAT Scan, Bone Scan, MRI, X-Ray).
9. Discuss the prevailing pain control theories and assorted rationale for the selection and use of techniques for the control of acute and chronic pain.
10. Discuss the legal requirements for the storage, transportation, and documentation of Rx and non Rx medications.

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