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SST 453. Teaching Social Studies in Secondary and Middle School

Credits: 4
Department: Social Studies
Description: Philosophy, methods, and materials in teaching social studies in the middle and secondary schools. Must be completed before student teaching with at least a grade of "C".
Prerequisites: Permission of social studies licensing director and ED 421/431 or concurrent enrollment in ED 421/431
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Define and defend the value of all the courses found within the context of a social studies program.
2. Demonstrate how all the various social sciences can be combined into one cohesive subject.
3. Create, design and critique various strategies for teaching different social studies courses for different age groups and learning abilities.
4. Investigate appropriate teaching technologies and demonstrate how to incorporate them into the classroom setting.
5. Develop student assessment materials that are appropriate for various learning styles and subjects.

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