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REC 315. Recreation and Individuals with Disabilities

Credits: 3
Department: Recreation, Coaching & Sports Management
Description: Needs, abilities and limitations of individuals with disabilities. Adaptations, facilitation techniques, and legislation with respect to providing recreation and leisure services for individuals with disabilities.
Prerequisites: REC 201, REC 241
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Describe the significance of recreation and leisure for individuals with disabilities.
2. Describe the benefits and outcomes from participation in recreation and sports for individuals with disabilities.
3. Analyze local, state and federal regulations, legislation and standards related to the rights of individuals with disabilities to recreation and related services.
4. Apply the concepts of mainstreaming, integration, inclusion, normalization and advocacy.
5. Develop program adaptations based on characteristics of various groups of individuals with disabilities.
6. Analyze and apply various leadership techniques and strategies in recreation programming for individuals with disabilities.
7. Apply activity analysis and modifications in activity, program and event selextion and planning.
8. Describe the process and outcomes of leisure education programs.
9. Describe assistive devices and techniques to facilitate inclusionary opportunities.

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