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PHIL 325. Philosophy of Science

Credits: 3
Department: Philosophy
Description: The nature of science. Carnap, Popper, Kuhn and others on scientific explanation, induction, scientific realism, objectivity and relativism.
Prerequisites: One of PHIL 211-252
Semester Offered: Odd Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Articulate and evaluate philosophical theories of the nature of science.
2. Articulate theories scientific methodology such as inductivism, Bayesianism, critical rationalism and relativism.
3. Articulate important concepts in scientific methodology such as explanation and confirmation.
4. Analyze theoretical arguments concerning issues in the philosophy of science such as the problem of demarcation, the nature of scientific method and the nature of confirmation.
5. Identify the implications of philosophy of science for the practice of the sciences.

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