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PHIL 323. Aesthetics

Credits: 3
Department: Philosophy
Description: The nature and value of art, beauty, creativity, aesthetic experience and critical judgment.
Prerequisites: One of PHIL 211-252
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify and evaluate standard analyses of key concepts in aesthetics, such as the concept of 'art' and 'beauty'.
2. Analyze the relationship between an artist's intentions and the meaning of the work created by that artist.
3. Identify and analyze factors that contribute to, or detract from, the value of a work of art.
4. Identify one broad movement (e.g. impressionism) in one of the arts (e.g. painting); analyze the theories and ideals motivating the movement; and explain in detail how selected art works from that movement exemplify those theories and ideals.

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