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MKTG 322. Marketing Information and Research

Credits: 3
Department: Marketing
Description: Research as an aid to decision-making in marketing management; research methods: market surveys and experiments; interpreting, reporting, and using research results; competitive intelligence.
Prerequisites: MKTG 220, IS 242 or STAT 242
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify uses of marketing research in assisting decision making by marketing managers and outline and explain steps involved in the marketing research process.
2. Differentiate between and explain research designs (exploratory, descriptive, and causal) as well as explain the usefulness of such research designs in providing information to evaluate marketing opportunities and solving marketing problems.
3. Describe and differentiate between secondary data and primary data, identify sources of secondary data, and demonstrate the ability to evaluate secondary data that could assist decision making by marketing managers.
4. Describe some qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, and understand their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their application.
5. Develop a rudimentary survey instrument as well as evaluate such instruments.
6. Perform initial analyses of survey data, summarize information in tables/charts/graphs, and interpret such information objectively.
7. Integrate marketing information obtained via analyses in a clear, objective and succinct marketing research report.

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