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GERO 425. Dementia and Aging

Credits: 3
Department: Gerontology
Description: The nature, causes and treatment of dementia in later life, including concerns for family, caregiving and community practice.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify the range of illnesses causing dementia, their symptoms and their currently known causes and treatments.
2. Identify potential conditions that may mimic symptoms of dementia, but are not caused by a dementia producing illness.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes for diagnosing dementia, as well as the medical, ethical, and social challenges associated with diagnosis.
4. Locate, critically evaluate and assimilate new information regarding dementia (e.g., causes, treatments) as it becomes available.
5. Identify and utilize information and strategies for working with persons with dementia and their families (e.g., communication skills, behavioral approaches, information referral, care alternatives, ethical and legal concerns.

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