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GER 322. Urban History and Development Abroad

Credits: 3
Department: German
Description: For students participating in the study abroad program in Ingolstadt. Classroom preparation and field trips to local sites in Bavaria, Brandenburg, Berlin, and other parts of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, budget permitting. Visits to businesses, local governments, and media. Taught by the program director in collaboration with on-site support staff. Course can be repeated once while abroad.
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Relate their cultural knowledge from the classroom to the sites visited during the sttudy abroad program.
2. Analyze social, cultural and economic issues of the target culture as observed and experienced in site visits and in service learning projects in the community.
3. Compare and contrast social, cultural and economic issues in the target culture and the United States.
4. Compare and contrast the various regional social, cultural and ecomomic issues in German speaking countries to explore issues of federalism in target culture.
5. explain issues of intercultural competence in journals and final reflection paper.

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