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GER 301. Conversation and Composition I

Credits: 3
Department: German
Description: Improves students' ability to create with language. Includes practice in reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar. Required before any course beyond 302.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Read and interpret primary texts in the target language for their general and cultural information.
2. Write narratives and descriptions of a factual nature on familiar topics, consisting of several paragraphs at an Intermediate level of proficiency according to the ACTFL scale.
3. Negotiate language in various formal and informal settings, in partner and groupwork, in speaking and writing.
4. Discuss the target culture in view of global society, and from a variety of perspectives, including historical, geographical, political, artistic and contemporary viewpoints.
5. Recognize that culture is neither monolithic nor static and that developing insights into the variability of cultural phenomena is a lifelong process.
6. Identify key grammatical structures and apply them to writing of essays and giving presentations with the purpose of information, persuasion, critique.
7. Explore and reflect on cultural aspects as presented by the material: art, civilization, language, history and contemporary culture.

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