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GEOG 336. Control and Geodetic Surveying

Credits: 3
Department: Geography
Description: Control Surveys, UTM, SPCS and USPLSS. Deformation and hydrographic surveys. Ground control and photogammetric mapping.
Prerequisites: GEOG 335
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: This course is offered on campus and online. Online course information is available at For students enrolled in the online course, proctored tests are required. Proctored tests may be taken on the SCSU campus at the Testing Center at the Center for Continuing Studies or at a site approved by the instructor.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Apply matrix algebra to solve equations.
2. Define and apply control survey principles to design and implement a survey control network.
3. Describe, compute, and illustrate the properties of different mapping projections.
4. Apply the principles relating to different coordinate systems in control surveys.
5. Summarize the procedures in planning/performing a hydrographic survey.
6. Summarize the procedures in planning/performing a deformation survey.
7. Identify the photogrammetric mapping process and perform related calculations such as scale and flight planning.

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