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ETS 314. Design for Manufacturability

Credits: 3
Department: Environmental & Technological Studies
Description: Evaluate designs for produciblity. Strategies, such as standardization and simplification, to effectively change designs to improve manufacturability with respect to cost, time to market, lean, and flexibility. Concurrent engineering.
Prerequisites: ETS 312 and ETS 345
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Select design related faults within existing products.
2. Research and cite existing solutions to the design faults assembly.
3. Produce a 3d model using a rapid prototyping machine/printer.
4. Create and assemble appropriate advertisement brochures or documents for product promotion.
5. Produce alternative design solutions that are tractable.
6. Modify and refine preliminary designs toward manufacturability.
7. Adjust design elements for ergonomic factors and safety.
8. Implement aesthetic aspects for market acceptance.
9. Will be capable of developing CAD based working detail drawings of components and assemblies.
10. Provide effective diagrams and manuals for product maintenance, repair.

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