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ENGL 327. British Literature: Victorian

Credits: 4
Department: English
Description: Literary works, historical and cultural context, and criticism of novelists, poets, and essayists of the Victorian age, such as Dickens, G. Eliot, Hardy, Tennyson, and Arnold.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify and compare different genres of Victorian literature as well as their typical structural elements.
2. Use literary terms appropriately when discussing and writing about Victorian literature.
3. Analyze particular poems, novels and non-fiction writings through frequent class discussions using the critical practice of close reading.
4. Formulate arguments about Victorian literature using close reading and theoretical approaches such as historicism, feminist criticism, etc.
5. Identify and evaluate the connections between Victorian literary texts and cultural documents and historical events and recurring social issues, such as the status of children, women+s rights, men+s identity, the empire, literacy, etc.
6. Formulate and present a personal position on aesthetic issues from the Victorian age, such as the literary canon, popular vs +high+ art, art for art+s sake, etc.
7. Analyze language as constantly changing and fundamental to cultural expression, with sensitivity to differences between current and Victorian usages.
8. Construct and present a reading of Victorian texts using digital tools.

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