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ENGL 307. African Literature

Credits: 3
Department: English
Description: A survey of contemporary African literature from the following regions of the continent: East Africa, West Africa (French and English-speaking), and South Africa.
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze the link between craft and social responsibility, as gainsaid by the authors' literary traditions.
2. Identify and explicate stylistic and philosophical similarities and dissimilarities, as gathered from texts as well as other primary and secondary sources.
3. Analyze the impact of historical forces, such as colonialism, neo-colonialism, apartheid, etc., on the psychology of the colonizer and the colonized, tribal relations within the culture, and on territorial boundaries.
4. Identify the importance of cultural practices and beliefs to the fictional creation of selected authors.
5. Elucidate selected literature, where applicable, in light of historical, psychological/psychoanalytic, and feminist critical approaches.

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