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MATH 072. Intermediate Algebra

Credits: 3
Department: Mathematics
Description: Linear equations, inequalities, polynomials, graphs, systems of equations, algebraic fractions, radicals, quadratic equations, exponents, functions. Course credits apply towards financial aid requirements and GPA (grade point average), but do not count toward graduation. Offered by the Math Skills Center.
Prerequisites: MATH 070 or high school advanced algebra with satisfactory math placement score.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: Go to for proper placement. All students attempting to repeat this course, please contact the instructor directly. , Go to for proper placement. All students attempting to repeat this cour

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Solve applied mathematical problems.
2. Add, subtract, multiply and factor polynomials and divide polynomials by a monomial.
3. Add, subtract, multiply, divide and simplify rational expressions.
4. Simplify algebraic radical expressions and perform operations with radicals.
5. Convert expressions between radical form and exponential form.
6. Solve literal, linear, absolute value, quadratic, rational and radical equations.
7. Solve linear and quadratic inequalities.
8. Solve systems of 2 x 2 linear equations.
9. Recognize functional notation, identify domain, evaluate a function for a specified numerical value, sketch a graph, and perform arithmetic operations with functions. This includes linear, quadratic, absolute value, square root, and exponential functions.
10. Translate between graphical, tabular, verbal and symbolic forms of functions.

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