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AHS 368. Radar and Satellite Meteorology

Credits: 3
Department: Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences
Description: Interpretation of visible and infrared satellite imagery; global observations of temperature and moisture. Tropical meteorology and tropical cyclones, especially as observed by satellite. Weather radar methodology and observations; Doppler and dual-polarization radar techniques. Thunderstorm structure, detection, and analysis, especially as observed by radar and satellite. Lab.
Prerequisites: AHS 260
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Explain why and how meteorologists use remote sensing to determine the state of the atmosphere
2. Describe the technical processes used by radar
3. Describe the technical processes used by weather satellites
4. Identify the features of and explain processes driving thunderstorms and thunderstorm complexes
5. Identify the features of and explain processes driving hurricanes and tropical weather
6. Analyze and interpret weather systems at multiple scales using remotely sensed data

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