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SPAN 221. Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Credits: 3
Department: Spanish
Description: Designed to help students advance to the intermediate proficiency level. Continued practice in developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills needed in the second and third year. Oral communication emphasized. May be taken with SPAN 201, SPAN 202 or SPAN 300 level courses.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: SPAN 222 and SPAN 221 are for different audiences. SPAN 222 is for non-natives, and SPAN 221 is for heritage speakers.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Write using more academic Spanish grammar and sentence structures.
2. Identify cultural, social and linguistic differences in Spanish-speaking countries.
3. Converse in Spanish about everyday topics at the intermediate-low level.
4. Read intermediate-level texts in Spanish.
5. Listen, interpret, and speak full-speed spoken Spanish.
6. Describe how Spanish affects the context of a global community.

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