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LC 462. Second Language Teaching Methods: Reading and Writing

Credits: 3
Department: Foreign Language and Literature
Description: Application of second language acquisition theory and methods to the teaching of reading and composition.
Prerequisites: ENGL 361
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Adopt and adapt multiple forms of instructional approaches based on the understanding of various factors that influence the patterns of learning and development, as well as learning difference. [ESL Subp. 3 B (1), (2); WL Subp. 6, A & C]
2. Design lesson plans that reflect the interaction between content learning and language learning and support every student in meeting rigorous learning goals. [ESL Subp. 3 C(2); WL Subp. 6 A, C]
3. Develop learning tasks that promote literacy and communication skills in both spoken and written language. [ESL Subp. 3 E; WL Subp. 6 H ]
4. Design assessment tools that reflect the developmental aspects of second language acquisition and its implications for content learning. [ESL Subp. 3 F, WL Subp. 6 A & C]
5. Collaborate to identify and incorporate appropriate instructional approaches to create learning environments conducive to positive social interaction and active engagements. [ESL Subp 3 B; WL Subp. 6]
6. Reflect on his/her practice to evaluate his/her instructional choices and adapt to meet the needs of each learner. [ESL Subp 3 J , WL Subp. 6, A & B]
7. Understand the impact of reading ability on student achievement in second language studies, recognize the varying reading comprehension and fluency levels represented by students, and possess the strategies to assist students to read second language content more effectively. [ESL Subp. 3, WL standard Subp. 6. H]

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