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SPED 471. Student Teaching in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: Levels IV-V

Credits: 6
Department: Special Education
Description: Field internship in Levels IV-V elementary/secondary school programs for students with emotional/behavioral disorders. Paraprofessional supervision techniques. Departmental approval required.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: S/U

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Use progress-monitoring assessments to provide evidence of student progress toward instructional objectives.
2. Use evidence to evaluate and change teaching practice to meet the varied needs of students in the classroom.
3. Develop strategies to engage students in applying knowledge and skills.
4. Elicit and monitor student responses in order to provide deeper access to learning in the subject area.
5. Collaborate with general education teachers to implement prereferral intervention procedures.
6. Demonstrate effective co-teaching strategies.

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