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REC 320. Challenge Course Leadership

Credits: 3
Department: Recreation, Coaching & Sports Management
Description: Theory and practices of challenge course (ropes course) programming including facilitation skills, administrative practices and risk management practices.
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate and critique challenge course standards (construction & facilitator skills) outlined by professional associations (e.g., PRCA & ACCT).
2. Deduce and justify the training standards established by those organizations.
3. Explain and demonstrate experiential education in the context of adventure education.
4. Distinguish the use of a challenge course and adventure education as an alternative learning process.
5. Teach and demonstrate the concept of sequencing when developing adventure education activities.
6. Describe the key components of group dynamics and be able to demonstrate application to diverse audiences.
7. Design and justify program plans for a multitude of challenge course programs.
8. Demonstrate proper techniques, operational skills and risk management of a challenge course complex.
9. Produce and demonstrate effective facilitation & debriefing techniques specific to challenge course programming.
10. Appraise participant outcomes (group and individual) as part of the assessment process.

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