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RADT 375. Clinical Radiologic Technology II

Credits: 1-16
Department: Radiologic Technology
Description: Clinical practice and patient care in radiography. Fundamentals of radiography and health care. Radiation biology.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: Must be in first year of hospital internship.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Learn outcomes related to Clinical Practice and Patient Care; execute medical imaging procedures to produce adequate images under appropriate supervision; describe how to handle emergency situations; explain (and demonstrate through appropriate actions) how to relate to different kinds of patients in various situations; describe and explain proper clinical practice procedures that meet appropriate standards for safety, ethics, and legality; identify and explain the responsibilities of the radiologic technologist; describe and explain the standards for practice for radiography.
2. Learn outcomes related to the Fundamentals of Radiography and Health Care; identify and explain the roles and responsibilities of different personnel in a radiology department and different departments in a hospital/clinic; explain the different services available in a radiology department; demonstrate a familiarity with concepts related to regulations, accreditation, and licensure; demonstrate background knowledge related to the health care system as a whole and the different systems of paying for health care.
3. Learn outcomes related to Radiation Biology; list and discuss the different sources of radiation exposure; be familiar with the different methods of calculating radiation risk; identify the different methods of determining response to radiation; explain the effects of different kinds of radiation exposure.

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