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POL 314. Political Parties and Interest Groups in the U.S.

Credits: 3
Department: Political Science
Description: Role and behavior of political parties and interest groups in American politics, elections and governance.
Semester Offered: Odd Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Discuss and explain the rule of political parties and interest groups as an intermediary (between voters and government structures) institution and will be able to analyze and explain the role of political parties in the electorate, elections and in government.
2. Discuss and explain the history and contemporary form and structure of American political parties.
3. Analyze and explain the historical and contemporary roles in interest groups in American government and politics.
4. "Analyze and explain the ""tools"" such as lobbyist and grassroots lobbying used by interest groups to influence political outcomes."
5. Identify interest groups campaign activities and analyze limits on those activities.

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