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PHYS 131. Preparatory Physics

Credits: 3
Department: Physics
Description: Prepares students to take PHYS 231 or 234. Basic mathematical tools, physical principles, and problem solving techniques.
Prerequisites: MATH 072 or a satisfactory math placement score.
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Communicate using SI units for physical quantities, convert numbers to scientific notation with appropriate significant figures, and convert from one system to another.
2. Distinguish between scalars and vectors, identify components of vectors; add, subtract and multiply vectors.
3. Define and distinguish between distance, position, velocity, speed, and acceleration; apply kinematic expression to solve one and two dimensional motion problems.
4. "Produce free-body diagrams and apply Newton's laws; convert work problems to pictures--> pictures to mathematical equations--> perform algebraic steps needed to find solutions to problems--> scrutinize answers to see if ""the answer makes sense""--> produce correct units to stand alongside numerical solutions."
5. Identify applied forces, normal forces, gravitational force, frictional force, and use Newton's laws of motion to solve for static or dynamic quantities.
6. Define work and mechanical energy (kinetic and potential); use energy concepts to solve problems.
7. Define momentum and use its conservation to solve dynamical problems.

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