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MME 414. Composite Materials

Credits: 3
Department: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Description: Behavior, processing, and design of particulate and fiber-reinforced composite materials. Polymer, metal, and ceramic constituents. Micromechanics, single-lamina macromechanics, and lamination theory. Fatigue and fracture. New, nano, and biomaterials as structural materials.
Prerequisites: MME 342, MATH 327, and admittance to major
Semester Offered: Even Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Integrated Lab
Permissions: Other
Other Permission: Department permission to enroll in MME block 3 courses

Student Learning Outcomes

1. specify constituents, proportions, and orientations of a lamina using micromechanics to achieve design objectives
2. predict macromechanical properties for various orientations of a single lamina
3. predict macromechanical properties of a laminate using lamination theory
4. estimate safety factors for static and-or fatigue loading
5. optimize use of new, nano, or bio materials for structural applications including composites
6. design processing methods to fabricate high quality composites

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